By on 12 August, 2015

One of the most important factors for success in almost everything, including health and fitness, is consistency. Showing up everyday (or rather, when you are supposed to) whether you feel like it or not. Making that goal of yours your priority and ensuring you get the work done every single time. You’re going to feel tired sometimes or you’re going to have had a bad day once in a while, but I find that no matter how tired I am, just showing up and doing something is far better than skipping it altogether. Showing up means that you keep the momentum going.

cycling momentum

Showing up means that you keep the momentum going!

Even if you don’t perform at your very best, you’re still putting in the work and nudging the needle a little closer towards the goal. That is far better than the alternative. The alternative, more often than not, isn’t that the needle stays where it is. It will most likely move in the wrong direction just a little bit. And the more you don’t show up the greater the rate of the decline gets as you lose more and more momentum and eventually you get too discouraged to start at all because you need to catch up on lost ground and get into the habit once again to generate the momentum you’ve lost.

So make that who you are. Be consistent in everything you do and keep putting in the work. The benefits will start accumulating.

Keep growing and stay healthy!

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