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Fast Results: Jump Rope & Body Weight

By on 26 September, 2015

In my previous fitness post on Interval Rowing (find it here), I mentioned that my following fitness post would be about how you can mix interval cardio training with body weight training for higher intensity workouts. This is an excellent way to torch fat while also working on strength and muscle. There are many ways of doing this and I will post more routine ideas of this sort as we go along. The key here is to increase the intensity, ensure you create a workout that is balanced in a way that you don’t neglect parts of your body, and to be creative so that you create variety and have fun. You can come up with thousands of ways to do this kind of training. But don’t worry, I will be here to guide you if you need. You can also email me or write in the comments if you would like some specific advice or ideas.

The Jump Rope

In the last post we looked at rowing as the interval cardio exercise. This time we will use skipping (jump-rope) for our cardio bit. We will keep the skipping very simple and stick to single jump. This means that it is a regular jump-rope skip where the rope passes under your feet, from front to back, once on each jump while you remain in one spot. You can also do a double jump if you want to increase the intensity a bit, if you are more comfortable with the skipping rope. Basically it is the same as the single jump with the difference being that the rope passes under your feet twice on each jump. This means you need to jump higher and move the rope faster. That being said, you don’t have to stick to either of these. If you are very advanced on the skipping rope, then mix it up and do all the tricks you want – as long as you’re able to keep it flowing without too much stop-start. Remember, we need to have fun and challenge ourselves. So if a simple one jump is not doing it for you, by all means, play around with it. The more variation you can include, the better.

The workout

 So here is the routine. This workout is very simple and can be done pretty much anywhere. The only items you need are the jump rope and something that you can use to do pull ups. If you don’t have something to do pull-ups with, don’t let that stop you…omit the pull-ups and do everything else. It’s better than doing nothing. Performing this outdoors is a great option for a change of scenery and to breath in some fresh air.

jump rope and body weight routine

How it works:

You start out with 1 minute on the jump rope. After that, perform the pull-ups. The number of reps depends on your level. These levels are just guidelines, if you can do more, do more. If you can’t do that many, do less and build it up over a few weeks. The body weight exercise should take you less than a minute. Whatever remains of the minute, use as rest time. So for example, if it takes me 25 seconds to complete the 10 pull-ups (in the level one example), then I will have 35 seconds rest time before I start on the skipping again.

Regarding the abdominals,  my recommendation if you are already at the pull-up bar is to do hanging leg raises or hanging knees-to-elbows. If your hands are too tired because of the pull-ups, do regular abdominal crunches.

Complete 3 to 5 rounds, again depending on your current strength and fitness level. I wouldn’t do more than 5 rounds. If you are not getting enough workout in 5 rounds, increase the reps on the body weight workout and rest less. Alternatively, add a weighted vest. You can also up the jump rope piece to 2 minutes instead of 1 minute. But try stick to maximum 5 rounds. This should be a short, high intensity workout.

Note: I am not recommending that you do this everyday. This should be mixed with other routines to ensure balance and variety.  I would do this once a week or once every two weeks. That said, you would probably see great results if you did do this every day, but that’s not the idea. The idea is to mix it up with other routines that you will find on this site. Also, if you are a beginner, skipping every day could be hard on your shins and knees.

Good luck. This will definitely work up a sweat. Reach out if you have any questions or just want to share your experience on this one.


Keep growing and stay healthy!

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