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No More Excuses

By on 27 October, 2015

There is no excuse for not exercising and not taking care of your health. Nothing can stop you if you are committed to work out. Unless you have an injury, a limiting disability or a health condition that prevents you from exercising because it is not safe to do so, then you simply have no excuse. People give me so many reasons why they don’t do it. They justify their daily decisions with the following reasons: I don’t have time, the gym is too far, I don’t want to pay a gym membership, I have small kids that makes it difficult to exercise, etc. For me, all of these are just that….excuses! None of these should be a limiting factor. In some cases, even an injury shouldn’t prevent you from doing at least some form of exercise. It all comes down to this: priorities and dedication. If you don’t make your health a priority, then no one else will. So carve out the time and make sure you stick to it!

Time should not be a limiting factor. Ten minutes is better than nothing. Ten minutes! The problem with most of us is that we only think about the ideal state and get stuck doing nothing instead of doing at least something. Yes, it would be great to do 2 hours a day, 5 days a week but sometimes that’s not an option. However, if the alternative is doing nothing on that day, then 10 minutes of high intensity is actually quite effective. On the other hand, if you are currently not doing any exercise at all, a short 10 minute workout is an excellent start. Ten minutes per day 3 times a week! Are you telling me that you can’t spend 30 minutes a week on your health??

Okay, so you think 10 minutes isn’t enough? Try doing this…really, stop reading right now and do below sequence two times, it will only take 10 minutes:

example quick routine

How do you feel? Note that this is not a complete program. It is simply an example of what one routine within a program could look like but the point here is this: after just ten minutes, you have probably already worked up quite a sweat. Furthermore, you can do this pretty much anywhere with basically no equipment. Swap out skipping for running, jumping jacks, or anything else if you don’t have a rope. You don’t need a gym contract nor do you need any fancy equipment. A skipping rope (if you don’t have one) will not set you back much. You can find them quite cheap. A quick search on Amazon and I found a whole range of different ropes for less than $10 (click here). If you want to increase intensity you might consider buying some resistance tubes or bands. Again, check these out on Amazon by clicking here so you can get an idea of what I’m talking about.

For around $20 you will have what you need to be able to carry out an effective workout pretty much anywhere. And again, these are optional extras. You can do without any of these. In fact, if you are just trying to get yourself started, and you don’t have either of these, I would encourage you not to buy anything and just use your body weight. Simply start. Don’t waste another minute. Later on, if it makes sense, go ahead and get yourself a jump rope. It’s a great tool to have.

If you are already training regularly but feel like you aren’t getting enough exercise in because you are limited in how often you can go to the gym, these types of routines are great to get that extra bit of work out between gym days. They are so short that you can fit them in anytime and the type of exercises means that you can even do them at home. If ten minutes is not enough, do it 3-5 times instead of twice.

So…with time no longer an issue and cost down to zero….what is your excuse? There are no more excuses.

Now get down and give me 20! :)

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