benefits of exercise

The Often Overlooked Benefit of Exercise

By on 10 November, 2015

Exercise in itself will make you healthier, fitter and help you build muscle. But there are further benefits to exercise beyond the direct results from taking a run or spending an hour in the gym and we often don’t think about these. Have you noticed how when you are training, other areas of your life automatically start to improve? You think twice before drinking that Coke and rather opt for a glass of water or a natural fruit juice. You end up eating healthier even when you’re not specifically dieting. You take better care of yourself in general. This is because you feel better about yourself and the exercise is subconsciously making you more aware of your health choices. You become more conscious about your well-being.

This is a benefit that we often overlook. The change that happens within ourselves when we start to take care of ourselves. When we exercise we show respect for our well-being and our life. We are actively taking care of our health and our ability to live actively. This ensures we make better choices for ourselves and the people around us over and beyond the decision to exercise.

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