Jet Lag

5 Steps to Stay Ahead of Jet Lag

By on 10 March, 2016

For those of you who travel often and usually have to travel long-distance, you don’t have to let jet lag get the better of you. With these 5 simple steps you will quickly recover and remain on top of your game no matter which timezone you happen to find yourself in.

  1. Set the clock – as you board the plane, change the time on your watch immediately to the time of your destination. If you’re connecting, do this for the time of your connection location so that you don’t end up missing your next flight :). This will have you thinking in that time zone already.
  2. Sleep at the correct time – now that your watch is set, the idea is that you try and sleep according to your destination timezone. Of course it’s not going to be perfect, but try follow as best you can, after eating and reading a bit.
  3. Sweat it out – when you get to your destination, go for a run or hit the gym. Exercise helps you to overcome the jet lag faster. Even if you arrive in the evening…if possible, get your exercise in.
  4. No Alcohol – some people falsely believe that by having alcohol they will sleep faster and longer. Alcohol will decrease your ability to overcome the jet lag. What you should be doing instead is drinking lots of water and maybe some herbal tea. This goes for while you’re on the plane and once you’ve arrived.
  5. Stop thinking about it – one of the best ways to overcome jet lag is to stop paying so much attention to it. Don’t think about it. Instead, get excited about being there and have fun.

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