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How To Increase Happiness

By on 24 March, 2016

Many people suffer from a feeling that they lack happiness. In many cases this is a result of mindset rather than a valid reason. Happiness is quite a difficult emotion to understand however much of it can be acquired by making a conscious choice to be happy. Of course things happen and we will have other emotions such as anger or sadness, however there is no reason to remain in that state. We need to be able to easily pull ourselves out of that state and return to happiness. Here are some things that we can do to help improve happiness:

Be Grateful

Count your blessings and think about how fortunate you are. We often focus on what we don’t have rather than what we do and this approach does nothing for our happiness levels (in fact it will lower it). Take some time every day to reflect on all the good things in your life and express gratitude for them.


Create balance in your life. Too much of anything is not good even if you are really passionate about that thing. Excess will work against you in the long run. Try to balance you life across the things that mean the most to you. Some of those could include family, work, health, spiritual development, personal development and recreation. You have 24 hours in the day, be conscious about how you spend them and you will feel more fulfilled about your life choices.

Be Passionate About Something

Involve yourself in something that you’re passionate about. It can be for your work (i.e. make it your career) or outside of your work. Being active in and contributing towards something that is meaningful to you creates a sense of purpose and fulfillment which does wonders for your personal happiness.

Be Positive

Be positive, have positive thoughts and surround yourself with positive people. Feed your mind with good stuff. Be selective about what you listen to, what you read and who you spend your time with. Focus on good things and replace negative thoughts in your head with positive ones.


Take care of your health by eating well and exercising regularly. Amongst all the other benefits, this will also do good for your energy levels and your overall mood. Try this quick morning routine to help increase you fitness and get you looking and feeling good.


Quote for the day: “Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.” —Jim Rohn

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